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I have been an Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian for a few years and am considering making the switch to a full Vegan diet. I decided to become a vegetarian because I could no longer disassociate the meat on my plate from the loving, kind and peaceful animal it had once been. I have always been an animal lover, so I guess this was a natural progression. I am not a diet or nutrition expert by any means, I am just a woman on a mission to eat better, feel better and live better.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Leftovers Anyone?

I don't know how you all are feeling today but I'm feeling just a bit overstuffed.  I have been enjoying the leftovers of yesterday's feast all day today, and now I'm feeling quite lazy.  It was a delicious meal, and we still have some left,  believe it or not.  It's hard to cook a small meal for the "feast of the year".  We did the best we could.  And on the plus side, having so much left over just means we don't have to cook for the next few days.  I believe I did enough cooking yesterday to account for it anyway.

I remember my first Thanksgiving last year and how I thought it was going to be so hard for me, but it wasn't.  And it was even easier this year.  I was quite pleased with the Quorn Turk'y Roast as it gave me just enough of the "meatiness" to go along with my stuffing and potatoes.  Plus, it made awesome turk'y sandwiches the next day, which was always my favorite part of Thanksgiving.  The mushroom and leek stuffing was amazing, and the chopped walnuts gave it just enough crunch.  One of the best Thanksgiving meals I've had in a long time.  

I hope you all enjoyed your day and your meal as much as I did mine.  Now....on to putting together the recipe for the coming week.  I hope you have a great evening!

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