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I have been an Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian for a few years and am considering making the switch to a full Vegan diet. I decided to become a vegetarian because I could no longer disassociate the meat on my plate from the loving, kind and peaceful animal it had once been. I have always been an animal lover, so I guess this was a natural progression. I am not a diet or nutrition expert by any means, I am just a woman on a mission to eat better, feel better and live better.

Vegan Substitutions

For Meat:
For Dairy:
  • For eggs, use crumbled firm tofu
  • For milk, use coconut, almond or soy milk
  • For butter, try Earth Balance vegan butter
  • For mayonnaise, use Follow Your Heart Vegenaise (several varieties)
  • For yogurt, try WholeSoy or So Delicious
  • For cheese, try the following brands:

    1. Parma, by Eat In The Raw for parmesan cheese
    2. Vegan Gourmet Brand, by Follow Your Heart
    3. Sheese, by Bute Island Foods (several flavors available)
    4. Organic Soy Feta, by Sunergia Soyfoods
    5. Daiya Cheese (for melting - several flavors available)
For 'Beef' or 'Chicken' Broth:
  • Better Than Bouillon broth bases:  No Beef Base, No Chicken Base

*Firm or Extra Firm Tofu preparation:  Cut a tofu block into 8 equal slabs, lengthwise.  Fold a kitchen towel into thirds lengthwise and line the towel with 2 uncut paper towels also folded lengthwise into thirds.  Lay the tofu slices in a single layer on the far left-hand side of the paper towel.  Fold the paper towel over the tofu.  Lay a second layer of tofu on top and cover with the remaining length of paper towel.  Fold the kitchen towel over that and press down hard to remove as much water as possible without breaking the tofu.  Remove the tofu from the towel.  It is now ready for cooking. (from "Vegan Cooking for Carnivores" by Roberto Martin)

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