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I have been an Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian for a few years and am considering making the switch to a full Vegan diet. I decided to become a vegetarian because I could no longer disassociate the meat on my plate from the loving, kind and peaceful animal it had once been. I have always been an animal lover, so I guess this was a natural progression. I am not a diet or nutrition expert by any means, I am just a woman on a mission to eat better, feel better and live better.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Compassion and Kindness

While this time of year usually brings to mind images of families getting together, decorating homes and being creative, unfortunately there is also a darker, sadder side where emotions run high, depression sets in and people do unspeakable and unthinkable acts.  Over the past several days, there have been several mass shootings reported and it truly breaks my heart.  I am sitting here watching the news reports of a shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut, and I can't imagine what these families are going through, or what these children had to witness and endure. 

I don't understand why it seems to be easier to carry around hate, negativity and violence in our hearts and minds than it is to show compassion, kindness and love for one another.  We are all neighbors on this planet, and we should take care of each other.  Imagine what it would be like if everyone was looking out for each other, to make sure everyone was fed, clothed, warm, loved and sheltered; if everyone would lend a hand to those less fortunate, or just offer compassion to those they encounter each day.  

I don't have much more to say today, other than please be aware of your actions and make it a point to show compassion and kindness to those around you.  You never know what hardships someone is facing in their life and how much a simple smile, a touch, a hug, etc. could mean to someone, or what a difference it could make in their life.  

I wish you all a very splendid Friday, and I hope you're blessed enough to change someone's life today.

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