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I have been an Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian for a few years and am considering making the switch to a full Vegan diet. I decided to become a vegetarian because I could no longer disassociate the meat on my plate from the loving, kind and peaceful animal it had once been. I have always been an animal lover, so I guess this was a natural progression. I am not a diet or nutrition expert by any means, I am just a woman on a mission to eat better, feel better and live better.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 2

Today was a LOT harder.  Not because of my resolve or determination, but because of circumstances.  I ended up spending almost the entire day in the Urgent Care Center with my mother unexpectedly, and I had to grab my lunch from the hospital cafeteria.  They had very limited vegetarian options, much less vegan, so I did the very best I could and chose a roasted vegetable sandwich.  It came with cheese, but I took it off.  I can only hope the bread met the vegan diet, but I am guessing it probably didn't.  But as I said, I did the best I could.  If I had known we were going to be there all day, I would have brought something with me from home.

For dinner, I had a veggie burger topped with jalapenos and grilled onions, and some french fries on the side.  We ordered out since we got home so late, so that wasn't what I was planning for dinner, either.  

Oh well, I'll try to do better the next five days.  I have meals planned, and they're ones I really want to try out, so I'm hoping I am able to do so without further interruptions.  I know I can do this!

See you tomorrow!

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